Macy’s Spring 2014 Best Brands book. This direct mail piece highlights new fashion and accessories from top brands including Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, COACH and more. Select spreads from book included here.

Macy’s 2014 Valentine’s Day Gift Book. Worked on editorial copy…select spreads shown here.

Macy’s Spring 2014 Men’s Fashion Book. Worked on all editorial copy. My favorite spreads from the book are included here.

Macy’s Spring 2014 RTW Fashion Book. Worked on editorial copy…some of my favorite spreads from the book are shown here.

this 8 page insert went inside the knot's spring 2014 issue. i worked on all editorial headlines throughout the piece.

considering it’s a brisk 36 degrees in nyc right now, i understand the allure of resort collections. but until i actually go on vacation, the resort 2014 look book from macy’s will have to do. i worked on all editorial for the book.

new year’s eve is 5 days away! ring in the new year with one of these festive looks courtesy of macy’s with all editorial from moi!

don’t know what to buy mom, dad, boss, gf/bf, bro, sis and so on…? well, the holiday 2013 gift book from macy’s is here to help. i worked on all editorial for this book; select spreads uploaded.

it’s officially that time of year of year again. this direct mail piece kicks off macy’s 2013 holiday gifting campaign. dubbed star gifts, it highlights the best finds from many of the top brands offered at macy’s which can be purchased online, in store or on your phone via the new star gifts app from macy’s.
i’ve uploaded select pages from the 50 page mailer.

it’s holiday time and you know what that means… sequins on EVERYTHING! (i kid, i kid.) this direct mail piece focused on 3 trends for holiday dressing. the red affair (lots of crimson and ruby… it is the most festive time of year after all), the collector (luxurious, decadent-looking pieces with jewels, studs, brocade, etc.) and back to black (who can go wrong with a LBD, especially when it’s done in velvet, lace, trimmed with tons of shine and more?!)

ahhh… women’s fall 2013 fashion at macy’s. the featured spreads are section openers. the trends: in black & white (self explanatory), the dandy (think menswear accents, whimsical prints…), the collector (picture decadent velvet, gilded leather and lace…), a red affair which was dubbed ‘caught red-handed' to go with the book's theme (the focus was on all shades of red…crimson, scarlet, ruby, you get the idea…) and great pretenders (aka faux leather). all copy was inspired by our tabloid-driven culture and our love of short, bold headlines.

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